PTMP Line of Product

The Product

Sectoral Base Station

QMC has two series of Sectoral Base Stations. A carrier grade Base Station supporting CIR and Best effort Services, while the Low Cost Series only supporting only best effort services.

All equipment consists of carrier-grade base stations with superior beamforming antennas that enable industry-best radio interference immunity and spectrum usage.

Both series consists of single carrier, dual carrier, and dual-band base stations and operating with sub 6GHz operating spectrum.

Multisector Base Station

MultiSector Series offers compact and self-contained 1.5Gbps base stations that support up to 4 sectors in a single unit, enabling low-cost MicroPoP or long-range PoP deployments.

MultiSector is interoperable with powerful Subscriber Units common to QMC sub 6GHz base station series.

Subscriber Unit

It is a powerful 500Mbps Subscriber Units, common to QMC’s Sub 6Ghz base station series offer integrated antennas or as a connectorized unit.

It is highly durable IP 67 SUs, provide a variety of service level options, suitable for residential, business and bandwidth demanding applications.