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Since breaking into the Industry in the year 2004, (Incorpororated in 2018) Quantum Matrix Canada is a dynamically growing IT Solution Provider in Canada, dedicated to providing Integrated IT infrastructure solutions and services that are reliable and versatile to Large Corporations, Small Medium Enterprises (SME), as well as individual users. 

Naushad Jiwani, President & CEO mentions that Quantum Matrix Canada Corp. provides its clients with a wide range of services for all their needs. "We are a company that delivers IT solutions including ultra fast Wireless Internet connectivity to homes, Businesses and Government Institutions." 

Quantum Matrix brings IT expertise on site to its clients; from managing various IT Projects to general contract (i.e. procurement and supplies). We are also committed to providing efficient Consultancy Services (pre-sales and post-sales) and deliver end-to-end, effective, scalable and reliable solutions.

Quality Service, Guaranteed

LinkStar Associate, Nik Gulenko, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer says: "Our advanced, modern infrastructures helps us keep up-to-date with the evolving connection demands that businesses and households require in today’s day and age, so we’re adept at tackling any problem you may have. Additionally, our Customer Support is first class, and we strive to handle any complaints or issues in a timely fashion. No matter your bandwidth requirements, we have the resources to deliver the speeds you need efficiently. If you’re looking for professional installation services, please get in touch for a free consultation."

Service & Solutions

 QUANTUM MATRIX CANADA CORP is a provider of broadband wireless solutions that deliver super fast broadband with unparalleled reliability. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, QMAX’s solutions are equipped with powerful OSS tools that support all operational aspects of the network performance and enable operation in the toughest conditions, including interference and nLOS.

Deployed in over 17 countries, QMAX Solution’s powerful applications include backhaul, access, private network connectivity and broadband on the move for rail and subway trains, dome coverage for sports stadiums, huge factories, and industries & Smart City Concept, Border Patrol and Military applications.


QMAX point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions empower service providers to provide high-speedata, video and voice services over the last mile. It provides 10 - 250 Mbps for access applications, with capacity upgrades via a software license key. QMAX systems are ideal for a host of broadband access applications, including:  

  • Operating in unlicensed-free frequency bands, QMax’s robust systems operate in the toughest environments, including congested spectrums, non-line-of-sight conditions and harsh weather by utilizing Smart beam forming MIMO technology and proprietary access protocols.

Fixed operators looking for high service availability, guaranteed SLA, high maintainability and assured peace of mind can benefit from our high capacity, long range Point-to-Point Solution and disruptive Point-to-Multipoint solution with smart beam forming technology for:

• Enterprise customers demanding high capacity  

• High-end residential connectivity 

• Broadband rural connectivity  

• Smart City deployment

Solution Highlights

• PtP solutions ranging in capacity from 10 to 250 Mbps  

• High PtMP cell capacity – up to 3 Gbps  

• 10 to 100 Mbps subscriber units, supporting capacity upgrade up to 250 Mbps  

• Support for symmetric and asymmetric traffic  

• Operation in non-line-of-sight conditions and in movement (for 3 GHz models)  

• Operation in 4.9-5.9 GHz license-free bands

Customer Benefits


• Our company has the qualified experts capable to train the partners' personnel in the equipment installation and operation in any part of the world. 


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